New Zealand Society of Procedural Phlebology

The New Zealand Society of Procedural Phlebology (NZSPP) is an organisation focussed on providing credentialing for vocationally registered doctors in the field of Procedural Phlebology.

Phlebology is not a vocational scope with the Medical Council of New Zealand and thus many different scopes perform phlebology procedures, including but not limited to surgeons, general practitioners, dermatologists and radiologists. Credentialing provides the assurance that any physician performing these procedures is adequately qualified and experienced and thus provides an extra layer of safety and reasurance for the patient.

Full Membership is limited to physicians who are vocationally registered with the New Zealand Medical Council. Associate Membership is open to all other physicians, including those overseas. Sonographers, Nurses and other associated health professionals are also welcome to apply for Associate Membership.

Interested parties should contact our President and Secretary, Dr. Paul R. Weaver at